What Is A Temporary Memorial?

Temporary. Memorial. Pretty self explanatory, right? Not so fast. While the concept of a temporary memorial is clear, its purpose, presentation, and setting can vary greatly.

In Public

Temporary memorials in public are often inspired by a tragic and/or unexpected death. In this case, you might consider a painted bicycle leaning against a street sign at the location of a fatal accident. These memorials often serve dual purpose in honoring the bereaved and raising awareness in relation to their passing.

Another familiar occurrence might be a spontaneous, accessible dedication to a public figure. It’s common and expected to grieve for those that have played an impactful role in one’s life, even without a personal relationship. A public figure’s temporary memorial allows communities to mourn and celebrate a life together.

In Cemeteries

Temporary memorials in cemeteries, memorial gardens, burials sites, etc. have a more defined role than spontaneous public memorials. Cemeteries may require that granite sourcing and engraving for memorials be conducted in-house. Although fully capable, cemeteries often lack the stock, infrastructure, and resources to craft monuments in a timely manner. The resulting lead time can range anywhere form 6 to +12 months. 

This is a shame when considering that these initial months after passing might be the most frequent for visitation.

While this production timeline might be frustrating, cemeteries with the most compassion and best customer service will offer Temporary Memorial Programs. These temporary memorials can be quickly produced while still maintaining the dignity and presentation that the bereaved deserves. Unlike primary memorials, cemeteries with strict exclusions on 3rd party granite will often partner with dedicated engravers like Ceramica to supply temporary memorials ASAP.

Temporary memorial material, style, color and design variation is limitless but cemeteries typically adhereto a templated product to maintain uniformity across their grounds. Ceramica’s Temporary Memorials, called Keepstones, are handcrafted from beautiful, imported dolomitic limestone. Compared to granite, dolomitic limestone is more casual in appearance. This material is perfect for any cemetery, then perfect for transition to a home or garden after the primary memorial has been set. Many view granite memorials as being too formal and out of place at home.

Ask your burial partner about Temporary Memorial programs or refer them to Keepstones by Ceramica.