Temporary Grave Markers, Permanent Keepsakes

It Can Take Cemeteries 6-8 Months To Engrave & Set Granite Memorials

Why keep your customers waiting? Temporary memorial programs demonstrate an organization’s compassion and respect for its customers.

Best yet, temporary memorials can be brought home for the perfect garden or mantle tribute once their initial purpose has been served.


Temporarily mark burial plots with a dignified, custom-engraved marker, then cherish it as a beloved personal keepsake


Adair Stone is an elegant, natural material with the versatility to enrich burial plots, home mantles, & private gardens alike


Ceramica commits to hand crafting & shipping Keepstones the same day they're ordered, express shipping available

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Why Adair Stone?

If Black Granite is a formal suit & River Rocks are jeans & a sweater… Adair Stone can be considered slacks & a sport coat. 

Just as different social settings call for different attire, stone materials that are appropriate for a cemetery might not be well suited for a home garden (& vice versa). 

Adair stone is the perfect compromise to meet the formality of a cemetery while still remaining accessible to the home. 

This versatile limestone material, imported from Canada, boasts high density & beautiful veining typically reserved for higher priced materials like granite & marble. 

Ordering & Customization

Beauty in Simplicity is the key to Ceramica’s fast and affordable temporary memorials. 

Ceramica offers templated designs & inscription constraints to streamline production and ensure a uniform aesthetic across partnering burial gardens. 

Partnering organizations can introduce their own templates and/or design criteria for Ceramica to keep on file and automatically apply to order submissions. 

A Keepstone’s Lifecycle

Initial months following interment are often the most active for visitation.