Our Mission

Ceramica blends artisanal craftsmanship with industrial efficiency to produce engraved masonry materials for resale distribution. From nation-wide masonry supply giants to local fundraising initiatives, Ceramica’s quality, speed, & reliability enables seamless project collaboration & maximum ROI for our partners. 

A Journey Set In Stone

"Local Firm's Success is Now Written In Stone", The Indianapolis Star 12/22/2001

Prior to founding Ceramica in 1988, Dick Light was the proud owner of a building materials distribution business. While supplying pavers to a local hospital, he witnessed the staggering inefficiency of the paver manufacturer’s personalization process. With this inspiration, he sold his distribution company & co-founded Ceramica with 3 of his 7 children (Doug, Marianne, & Keith).

Ceramica caught an early break in 1989 when the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame partnered with the young sandblasting workshop to lead production of its engraved fundraising pavers. The fundraiser was a smashing success, with the HoF making an all-in investment of $150,000 to raise over $1,000,000.

Under the leadership of Dick’s youngest son, Doug Light, Ceramica upgraded its operation by relocating to a larger facility on Indianapolis’ East Side. With resources including but not limited to a 120 sq ft sandblasting room & a stone slab bridge saw, Ceramica expanded its product line & maximized production efficiency.

2022 marked a new chapter in Ceramica’s history, with the husband & wife team of Zack (Dick’s Grandson, Doug’s nephew) & Shana Light stepping in to run the show. With a combined 2 decades of experience in digital strategy, marketing, product development, & merchandising, Zack & Shana look forward to ushering Ceramica into its next era of prosperity.

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