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Brick fundraising is a great way for your academic organization to raise money, invite alumni to become involved, as well as creating a long lasting impression on the campus grounds. Brick fundraising is a great way for your school or university to raise money as it is an easy way for Alumni to become involved while displaying their donation for years to come.

One of the great things about Brick Fundraising is that it re-engages alumni, while providing them the opportunity to support the great institutions that they attended. Alumni will enjoy the opportunity to search for their names in walkways with their families as they revisit the institutions of their youth. There is no better way to assure that one’s name will be remembered forever than through the use of Ceramica’s Fundraising Bricks.

Ceramica will help you create custom designed campaigns that will target alumni young & old. Ceramica has created custom creative solutions to the needs of academic organizations all across the country. Feel free to look at some of the great examples below, and to get started with your Brick Fundraising campaign contact Ceramica today.
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