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4/5/2010Brick Paver Fundraising Campaign Tips - Ceramica Inc.
As the economy begins to recover, here is some advice from Ceramica Inc on the best ways to continue netting more money for your organization even during the hardest of economic times.
3/26/2010Look Beyond Your Current Project and Aim for Success
As your organization is planning for your next big engraved name brick fundraising event, why not take a moment to step away from the project and have a look at the long term goals of your organziation.
3/15/2010Providing an Avenue for Your Legacy with Engraved Brick Fundraising
Engraved brick fundraising is a great way to instill a sense of community. It also provides a way for you to leave behind your legacy and show your contribution. We are happy to be part of the engraved brick fundraising taking place by the Blythewood High School for their fundraising walkway campaign.
3/5/2010Memorial Brick Walkway Helps raise funds for local charities
We at Ceramica, Inc. are happy to be offering our engraved pavers once again for an engraved brick fundraising memorial walkway. This time, the engraved fundraising pavers were for the Special Forces Association, Chapel Area walkway campaign.
3/3/2010Engraved Pavers Help To Memorialize Those Who Wish To Carry On Longstanding Memories
In partnership with Demoney Grimes Funeral Home in Columbia City, IN Ceramica, Inc. has provided engraved name brick pavers for Demoney Grimes Funeral Home's, Angel of Hope Memorial Garden. The garden was sponsored by The Compassionate Friends of Columbia City
2/26/2010Engraved Brick Fundraiser Gives Hope, Funds, & Future to Heifer International
Ceramica, Inc. has done it again. We, in partnership with Antique Brick & Block of Little Rock, AK, have provided brick pavers for an engraved brick fundraiser event. The Heifer International provides food and shelter for the impoverished throughout the world, and is working to eradicate hunger throughout the world.
2/22/2010Ceramica Inc. Provides Engraved Fundraising Pavers to Georgetown
We at Ceramica, Inc. are happy to be offering our engraved pavers once again for an engraved brick fundraising project. This time, the engraved brick fundraising is for the Georgetown library Engraved brick paver fundraising campaign.
2/17/2010Ceramica Inc Provides Engraved Brick Awards for Potomac Valley Brick Competition
Ceramica Inc recently provide engraved bricks for the Potomac Valley Brick- Brick-Stainable banquet. The banquet was held to reward those architectural designs throughout the country which used bricks in the most effective and creative ways.
2/15/2010Engraved Brick Fundraising Helps Greek Organization Refurbish House
Phi Kappa Psi at the University of Rhode Island has continued to add onto their alumni walkway with engraved brick fundraising help from Ceramica Inc.
2/12/2010Engraved Brick Fundraiser Helps Academy Prepare for their Fourth Century
The current campaign, the Campaign for the Fourth Century, was launched in 2004. This ambitious $40 million campaign included the building of the John H. Tucker Jr Arts Center, an Athletic Pavilion and Fitness Center, as well as provided a new campus facade.
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