Is It Really Possible to Raise Money by Mail?

As many organizations are exploring the idea of using a direct mail campaign alongside their current engraved brick paver fundraising campaigns there are often various questions and concerns that come up which will be addressed in this article.
It seems that the biggest concern organizations have when it comes to direct mailing campaigns is the rising costs of postage hikes in comparison with the ever emerging relevance of e-mail, social media, and the Internet. Although the cost of direct mail is ever rising your organization must remain positive and be willing to invest the initial cost into a direct mailing campaign. The most important step of any direct mail campaign is the initial planning stage (You may also request a detailed planning guide from Ceramica HERE) in which you lay out your goals, establish costs, and most importantly decide the direction to take your campaign. Direct Mail always has been and most likely will be the most effective form of fundraising in the near future. The key to creating an effective direct mail campaign is to create consistency throughout your entire campaign. Direct mail is a great first step to getting word out about your engraved brick paver fundraising campaign but the Internet and social media allow you the option to easily attract new sponsors while simultaneously keeping your name in front of your perspective donors.
The second most important aspect of Direct mail is the art of personalization. The most successful direct mail campaigns all have one things in common: personalization of the mailer piece. In order to properly gain the attention of your audience you must make them feel as if they are being directly addressed by your organization and not just receiving a scripted boring piece of material. If you can accomplish this then your direct mailing campaign is sure to succeed.
If you have any further questions regarding the feasibility for your direct mail campaign, please feel free to contact us at Ceramica Inc via phone, fax, or by filling out a form to request more information HERE