5 Tips to Increasing Your Organizations Fundraising Sales

A great way to increase your engraved brick fundraising success for your organizations engraved brick fundraising campaign is to simply look to the success of other organizations who have achieved great results with their own engraved brick fundraising campaigns in the past. Below are some of the most essential tips to starting, running, and continuing a successful engraved paver fundraiser.

 1) Promotion is Essential.

    The key to raising awareness of your campaign is to publicize the effort both before and during the engraved brick fundraising campaign. In addition to actively supporting and raising awareness to the name brick fundraiser during the actual campaign, one must also actively raise awareness for the cause leading up to it as well. An e-mail blast or weekly reminders in the organizations news letter are great ways to inform the members about your cause and the campaign.

 2) Personalize the Product

    Many experts agree that the ability for someone to put their own stamp on the product greatly increases their willingness to support the cause. There is now better way to allow your supporters to put their own name on the campaign and the product than through engraved name brick fundraising!

 3) Rethink your approach and territory

    You must inspire the individuals who are in charge of selling your fundraiser to feel as if the success of the engraved name brick fundraising campaign rests on their own shoulders. The key to a successful approach in fundraising is one which creates a call-to-action for your most essential supporters. If you are able to call the most important individuals to action the campaign will catch on like wildfire and will simultaneously create support and awareness within the organization with little effort and money required.