Tips for better Engraved Brick Fundraising Campaign Copy


The most vital element of any campaign is the copy with which you communicate your brick fundraising campaign. In this article we will discuss vital tips for using the most efficient brick fundraising copy possible.

 Write the call to action first! Fundraising revolves around your final goal, and thus you need to be able to communicate that goal to your perspective donors before anything else. This not only allows you to deliver a more succinct message, but also helps you establish your goals early

 Show the importance of your campaign; do not just tell about it. Donors want to hear about exactly what will happen and how it will happen from the funding that they provide. Supply your donors with a great image of what your engraved brick fundraising campaign will provide for your organization.

 Limit paragraphs to seven lines. Anything beyond 7 lines is considered too long to keep readers attention. Most paragraphs should be around 4 lines, and succinct as possible.

 Use photos sparingly- but use them! Although a picture may be worth a thousand words, the pictures we use are not always the right words. Make sure that the photos you use are telling the same story as the words you are writing.