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12/27/2010Engraved Bricks Are Used to Help School Celebrate 50 Year Anniversary
Meridian Hills Cooperative Nursery School and Kindergarten celebrated its 50th Anniversary and marked the occasion with engraved brick pavers.
12/14/2010HHC Alumni & Friends Become Part of New Home with Engraved Brick
Hutton Honors College located on Indiana University's Bloomington campus moved into it's dream home in April of 2010. Alumni and friends were able to leave their mark by purchasing an engraved brick that bears their name.
12/3/2010Brownsburg Education Foundation Continues Successful Brick Campaign
Brownsburg's Graduate Walk had its second successful year of helping the Foundation raise funds through the sale of engraved brick for its educational programs offered to BCSC students.
11/18/2010Boy Scouts of America Constructs New Facility - Indianapolis
BSA opened its new 25,000 square foot facility in Indianapolis, IN this past summer. Engraved brick pavers were used to help raise funds.
11/17/2010Engraved Brick Fundraiser Helps Academy's Expansion
The Belle Courtyard within the Mount St. Mary Academy houses the theater arts classroom. The courtyard was expanded recently and incorporated engraved brick pavers to help fund the project.
4/28/2010Is It Really Possible to Raise Money by Mail?
Today Ceramica Inc addresses the tough issue of the effectiveness of direct mail in engraved brick paver fundraising campaigns.
4/26/20105 Tips to Increasing Your Organizations Fundraising Sales
A great way to increase your fundraising success for your organizations engraved brick fundraising campaign is to simply look to the success of other organizations who have achieved great results with their own engraved brick fundraising campaigns in the past. Below are some of the most essential tips to starting, running, and continuing a successful engraved paver fundraiser.
4/19/2010Doylestown Hospital Creates Mural for Emergency Department- Ceramica Inc
Doylestown Hostpial recently completed a large addition to their ER, and commemorated the occasion with a beautiful mural that Ceramica Inc helped them to create.
4/12/2010Tips for better Engraved Brick Fundraising Campaign Copy
Engraved brick fundraising campaign copy tips from Ceramica Inc.
4/7/2010Bring in Spring with Engraved Garden Stones
Spring is a great time to give engraved garden stones as a gift!
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