Groups & Organizations

Each year we complete several engraved brick fundraising campaigns for groups and organizations across the country including fraternities and sororities (national and local chapters); humane societies and other pet rescue and adoption agencies; churches; service clubs including Kiwanis, Red Cross, Rotary Clubs; museums; parks; and zoos and many, many more.
Below we take an in depth look at the engraved brick fundraising campaign from start to finish for one of these groups and organizations.
In July of 2008 Delta Upsilon International Fraternity completed phase 1 of its Educational Foundation fundraising drive utilizing engraved brick pavers. 
Purpose: In recognition of the the Delta Upsilon's 175th anniversary the fraternity created the Founder's Memorial Courtyard at the corporate headquarters located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Below are a couple photos of the completed project:

Marketing: Delta Upsilon's engraved brick fundraising campaign consisted of e-mail, direct mail, telemarketing, print (article in organization publication) and trade show/event table top exhibits.  Of all these, the e-mail campaign made up a majority of the engraved brick sales at just below 50%.  Their e-mail list consisted of 8,000 good addresses.  Not only did e-mail lead to direct sales of the engraved brick but it also was a terrific means of spreading the word about the fundraiser.
In looking at the donor base they had at the time of the engraved paver campaign, Delta Upsilon was able to convert 15% of the donor base to brick sales. Of those 47% of the engraved brick were sold via e-mail, 24% from personal face to face solicitations, 22% via direct mail and 6% from telemarketing.  Another intriguing figure was that 8% of the fundraising brick were purchased in the memory or honor of someone else.
The campaign was established as a 3 year active fundraiser.  Even though a majority of the brick sales occurred in the initial drive may of those sitting on the fence made commitments once photographs of the in-place structure were made available and visible. 
Material: Belden Regimental Red 4x8, Belden Landmark Gray 4x8, Belden Claret 4x8
Quantity Sold:
Initial Kickoff May 2008 536
Subsequent Order October 2008 64
Subsequent Order June 2009 49
Project Financials:


Units Sold 649
Purchase Price $175
Gross Revenue $113,575

Material $13,612
Landscaping $7,000
Install Brick Pavers $8,000
Marketing $20,000
Total Expenses $48,612
Net Revenue $64,963