Engraved brick fundraising is a great way for your organization to successfully meet its campaign goals. Engraved brick fundraising is the only form of fundraising that allows your organization to reach your goals while simultaneously creating a beautiful long term asset for your organization that donors will appreciate for years to come. Brick fundraising campaigns will allow your organization to create a custom solution to your fundraising needs with a normal direct return on your investment of at least 70-90%. Engraved fundraising is a sure way to success for any organziation big or small.

Ceramica Inc. is a supplier to many organizations offering engraved brick pavers. Because of this association we assist in solving many of the questions and issues that organizations have during the fundraising campaign process. As you contemplate and organize your fundraiser please keep in mind that Ceramica Inc is here to help from the first step to the last one.

If you have any questions on getting started please visit our FAQ page. You may also request more information and a sales representative will contact you directly. If you are still not sure on the best direction for your fundraising campaign and would like more literature please request more literature to assist you in the process.

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Engraved brick fundraising project                                       Legacy engraved brick fundraising campaign   
at Butler University                                                                    at local Indianapolis VFW post