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What do we need to do to start our engraved brick fundraising campaign?


Based on our experiences of working with thousands of fundraising campaigns, we have seen the most successful fundraisers all have a couple of things in common -  those being they are well organized and properly planned.  Here are our ten steps to follow to ensure the success of your brick engraving project:
1. Contact Ceramica Inc to allow us to begin guiding you in the right direction. We will help you with every step of your campaign to ensure its success! You can also request written literature.

We will help you establish a mission statement for the engraved brick campaign - are we trying to have the project be self-funding or are we trying to raise funds over and beyond the cost incurred

We will then help put together a time table allowing enough time to plan, market, design and construct your project

Get estimates/bids to complete the above items

Compile your donor list; this should include current and past members, corporate donors - basically anyone who you think would like to see your cause succeed and/or anyone who could be benefit by being associated with your cause

 Put together a budget
  • start with the expenses to do the items listed in item 2
  • review your donor base and local economy to help establish a price at which the donor recognition item will sell; consider offering different contribution levels to get a better response rate (ie $50 for a 4x8 brick paver, $100 for an 8x8 brick paver, $250 for a corporate engraved paver, $1,000 for an engraved bench)
  • based on your goal determine if the brick fundraising project is feasible, if it needs to be downside or expanded or whether the contribution levels should be increased
7. When creating your marketing material for your brick fundraiser be sure to include a rendering of the proposed project so individuals can visually see what is being created.  Specify what the funds are going towards.

Marketing of the engraved brick fundraising campaign should include: advertising in local newspapers, e-mail blasts to donor base, direct mail campaign, table top booths at any activities conducted by your organization, etc

Set a deadline for the orders to be received allowing enough time for production and installation of the engraved brick(coordinate this with Ceramica and landscape contractor)

  Place order for engraved pavers with subsequent orders being placed on quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis

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