Frequently Asked Questions

Our addrees stone has become stained. What can we do to clean it and will you replace it if necessary?

Stains that appear on Address Stones are usually alkali stains.  It takes the form of a light golden to dark brown discoloration.  This stain is caused by alkali-charged moisture which permeates the limestone from its back or bottom bed.  These stains are more prevalent in Address Stones which are installed in mailboxes or pillars and are more susceptible to excessive water infiltration.  Ordinarily, the best way to deal with alkali stain is to leave it alone after correcting the causative factors.  If exposed to sun and rain, the natural process of weathering is most effective in its elimination.  In some circumstances, we will supply a new stone, but will not be responsible for its installation or the removal of the original marker.  If stains are a concern, you may wish to consider and AddressTile, which is impervious to such stains.

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