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I am ready to start my brick fundraiser- now what?


1.      Create a plan of action for your campaign- Gather your fundraising committee and develop a comprehensive plan for your brick campaign. Here is a general outline:

 2.      Use a committee system- Ask your key supporters to form a leadership committee for the campaign which will be responsible for the major aspects of your campaign. Having a committee is also a great opportunity to expand the network which you will be marketing to.

 3.      Create your marketing materials- The marketing materials with which you will spread word of your campaign with are the essential ingredients to your success. Ceramica Inc will be happy to supply you with marketing templates to get started with, or even custom tailor marketing materials directly for your campaign. To create effective marketing materials make sure to include the mission of the fundraiser, the price of the bricks, and most importantly a picture of what the bricks will look like.

 4.      Create different levels of support- Using varying sizes of bricks at varying prices will allow increased support from individuals as well as increasing the ability for more interesting designs in your finished product. An essential key to success is allowing as many individuals as possible. Please speak to your Ceramica sales associate if you need any help with determining proper pricing for your demographic.

 5.      Have fun! - The most essential aspect to any fundraising campaign is to have fun and enjoy the time you spend raising money for your great cause. The more enjoyable working with the campaign is the more individuals from your organization will want to participate in the work.
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